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August 16, 2012

It really does not spring up a surprise when a whopping majority of companies or businesses fail to stand tall on expectations put forth by a demanding clientele. Leading to a situation where even the smallest of errors would end up drawing a complaint from a disgruntled client. So, gauging the scenario, PCCare247 thought it was about time clients had a forum where they could vent out there anger and frustration on the state of affairs.

And well, thus, was born the PCCare247 Complaints forum; a platform where any customer feedback for PCCCare247 customer reviews of the organization could be submitted without any strings attached.  The forum ended up acting as a platform where clients could voice their concerns at any point if their interests were being ignored or were at the same instance feeling frustrated with the overall state of affairs.

But that wasn’t the end of the tale. For the real challenge came about in the scenario where the company was asked to identify situations which were to be considered as true hallmarks of a poor service. Well, then at this point, PCCare247 left nothing to chance and it identified all such scenarios on an impromptu basis. Starting with:

Ø  Slipshod Services Folio

Every client is bound to feel ‘ripped off’ in case if the product so ordered is damaged, broken or otherwise unusable at the time of delivery. The same concept also applies to the services bought. This is exactly wherein reviews given by clients for the services portfolio of PCCare247 end up playing a huge role in drastically improving them in the near future.

Ø  Lapse in Communication

Clients at all times need to be informed about what’s happening. Any break in service or the services portfolio not being up to the desired standards warrants quick attention from the department in question.

Ø  Failure to keep promises believes letting down clients would be the best way to draw complaints. To avoid such a scenario, it was exactly why the complaints forum was incepted. The platform ends up being an ideal destination where clients could lodge their grouses and as well as get a quick redressal for them.


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