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Disinterring Truth About the Ripoff Reports of

September 12, 2012

Don’t know what some people are up to and what do they get by saying false things about good Samaritans like, PCCare247? See, the first and foremost thing in plain English is that PCCare247 is not here for short term financial gains. It has stepped into this domain to serve computer users community for long term, so there is no point it is involved in doing any hanky-panky. However, PCCare247 doesn’t want to argue on any absurd and unsubstantiated accusations, for squabbling to prove one’s point looks ugly in this esteemed forum. And PCCare247’s this approach is also supported with a wise idiom, which states ‘silence is golden’.

PCCare247 has been observing that all these so called ‘victims’ are not the real persons, as most of time when it tried to contact them to know about what has made them to criticize it service, there was no reply from the other side and the other fact is that when its quality department pursued all these different cases of claims, it founded bizarre things in the investigation.

In the process of enquiry, what this team did was that they pulled out customers’ name and customers’ id on which the claimants have been citing PCCare247 of cheat and fraud. After that they scrutinize the details that were mentioned in rip-off reports of PCCare247, and it was then eventually they came to know that all these various testimonials were a complete sham. And behind which the motive was to create an illusion among computer users’ community to frame PCCare247 as an imposter. Nevertheless, PCCare247 is in no mood to comment on any such thing as it believes in the gospel truth that at the end one who is righteous, triumphs.

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